2013 Water ProjectGift of a Sustainable Source of  Water



On Saturday, June 22nd, over 125+ devotees from all over Ohio and Kentucky gathered to taste the flavors of Sri Lanka and support a worthy cause - to raise funds to build a tube well that will provide a sustainable source of water - an essential element to life - in a rural village in Thanamalwilla, Sri Lanka.

Through the generosity of the devotees, we raised $3, 703. The construction began on July 2nd and was completed on July 7th at a cost of $3,393. Photos and video of the construction of the tube well and opening ceremony are posted at http://youtu.be/e9Nbhe4Est0 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr0nzGTtonM, respectively.

The pictures and videos from the fund raising event are available at http://youtu.be/FoS1J7XvHZc and http://youtu.be/SpeW-9YxUMQ, respectively.

THANK YOU ALL for supporting the cause.


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